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Books That Teach Children About Peace


Peace is complex, even though it appears to be simple. When adults have such a hard time grasping and implementing it, it’s hard to expect children to learn something like this.

However, children often prove us wrong, and do many things better than the people who came before them. Whether it’s their innocence or sincerity, they have something inside them that is open to loving and caring for people they might have never even met. That is a part of peace.

So, let us give the children around us better tools to learn and live with peace. This ClipBook collects some of the best books to teach your child about the meaning of peace. Open the pages of the ClipBook to give your child a chance to open up to others. 


Wangari's Trees Of Peace By Jeanette Winter

This book is about the story of Wangari Maathai, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her activism on environmental and political issues in Kenya. It’s about Maathai’s powerful relation to trees and nature, and how her passion for environment...

Can You Say Peace? By Karen Katz

This is a beautiful book for young readers that explores the different ways to say ‘peace’. It does so by looking at how different languages say the word ‘peace’. It is suitable from children older than three years.

Peace By Wendy Anderson Halperin

Wendy Anderson Halperin takes the complex concept of peace and draws in her young readers through her beautiful and calming visuals along with her words. She gets her readers involved in this question to peace that humans are still struggling with...

Peace Is An Offering By Annette Lebox

Annette LeBox wrote this a short while after the dire attack of 9/11. She recalls being in tears as he delicately penned the poem in this book for children. Though it wasn’t published straight away, people finally realized that such a book was nee...

The Peace Rose By Alicia Jewell

This book is all about the ability to solve problems using a peace rose. In a language clear as water, Alicia Jewell explains to her readers how to solve their everyday issues. She encourages children to be independent and peaceful. This book is f...

What Does Peace Feel Like? By Vladimir Radunsky

Vladimir Radunsky askes children about how peace feels. He asks how it smells and looks. This book is really driven by the answers children give, which are sincere and offer fresh perspectives on the age old topic. Children who are four years old ...

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