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Books Help Children Overcome Fears


Childhood can bring with it a lot of phobias, anxiety, and a fear of things like a visit to the doctor, attending school etc.

Therefore, it is essential for parents to help children overcome their fears and suggest ways to deal with them.

There are some great books available in the market which talk about a child’s fears and phobias in detail. Go through the pages of this ClipBook to know more.


Books To Help Kids Overcome Their Fears

Is your child afraid of the dark, or thunder, or monsters, or going to the doctor, or potty, or school, or the dentist? Here's a list of great children's books to help children overcome their fears.

Books To Help Children Manage Their Phobias

Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. Thankfully, there are some great books available to help kids manage their fears and phobias.

Let Your Little One Rest Easy

When your child is afraid, it's hard not to feel powerless. Your instinct is to protect — and if you can't help your child feel safe, you can feel lost yourself. There are some fantastic books for parents and kids to help children overcome their f...

Inspiring Picture Books About Fear And Courage

Over the years, we have often turned to books to help children understand their big emotions. Since helping your children overcome their fears can be a big challenge for a lot of parents, here is a list of picture books about fear and courage.

Books For Children To Overcome Fear Of Burglars!

In terms of child development, children between three and six are apparently prone to nightmares. Most grow out of them. However, no one wants to wait years for something to pass and, when any child wakes up in a night fear, it needs to be taken s...

Picture Books About Being Scared Of The Dark

Easing little minds with a bedtime book that tackles the thing that’s worrying them can help them understand. Relatable, encouraging and entertaining, these stories set the pace for a peaceful sleep. Here are top picks for bedtime books about bein...

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