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Bonding With Your Adopted Child


Adoption is a big process for the family involved. When you are preparing to adopt, the anticipation can be overwhelming. It means welcoming a stranger into your family and trying to adjust the little one into a new world – your world.

It is perfectly normal for adoptive parents to consider their own child and wonder if he will ever accept the new member of the family. They should also ask themselves if they are ready to love the adopted child just as they love their own child.

According to an article titled 4 Useful Tips To Help You Bond With Your Adopted Child by Debolina Raja published in in 2015, while you may have brought your child home, doubts about whether you’ll be able to bond well with this new member may linger. To help parents who harbour these thoughts, the site offers some tips, as follows:

  • Give time – as the quickness with which you bond with your child depends on many factors, including the age of the child. Remember, the baby needs time as it finds itself in a new environment.
  • Read – as reading can prove to be a great way of bonding with an adopted child.
  • Keep the channels of communication open and within reach.
  • Involve your adopted child in different matters of the family, as it will give him a sense of being included. says bonding may be a slow process for both of you, but there are ways to encourage the transition from being strangers to adoring mother and child.

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