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Body Image And Young Children


Dissatisfaction about body image is on the rise amongst young kids. It is difficult these days to keep kids away from exposure to images and media with unhealthy views about appearance. But with positive talks you can counter the effect of negative body image ideas. Home environment can positively or negatively affect a kid’s ideas about healthy body image. If they see their parents or older siblings constantly worrying about their looks and body weight, it can affect them also.

An article on parents.com has a useful tip, "When it comes to discussing food choices, avoid categorising foods as "good" vs. "bad" (which can make kids feel as though they've been good or bad) or "healthy" vs. "unhealthy." Instead, talk about "sometimes" foods and "always" foods; this can help your kids understand that some foods are better eaten in smaller quantities and less often. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, and dairy products can all be explained as "always" foods that are useful and necessary for growth and development. Sweets and fried foods can be seen as "sometimes" foods that taste good but are not healthy or necessary to help us grow."

Negative ideas about physical appearance can cause eating disorders and other behavioural or medical issues such as poor self-esteem, social isolation and depression. If not checked in time, kids with distorted views about their bodies can grow up to be adults with many psychological or physical health problems.

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