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Birthmarks In Children: What Are They?


There are a lot of myths associated with birthmarks. However, birthmarks are more common than you would think. Plus, they are harmless and many fade away and shrink with time.

One in every three infants has a birthmark, which is seen more often in girls than boys. Also, birthmarks cannot be prevented.

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Birthmarks In Children

Birthmarks can be flat or raised, have regular or irregular borders, and have different shades of colouring from brown, tan, black, or pale blue to pink, red, or purple. The two main types of birthmarks are differentiated by their causes.

Should You Worry About Your Baby's Birthmarks?

One in ten babies is born with or develops birthmarks. Here are the facts on the six most common kinds, and treatment options.

Complications Of Some Birthmarks

Most birthmarks are harmless. But in rare cases, complications can occur that need to be treated. This risk increases with the size of the birthmark the larger it is, the greater the risk.

Coping With Birthmarks

Coping with a birthmark whether it is your own, your child's, or another family member is not always easy. It can often be a long journey, with your own feelings and emotions to cope with as well as other people's reactions.

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