Bhavan's Parent Connect 01

Ajeeth Jain Connecting With Parents

Bhavan's Senior Principal, Ajeeth Prasath Jain, talks to parents about the achievements and accomplishments of the year 2015 and provides a brief on the exciting measures lined up for the new year.

Our Teachers And School Heads Play A Role In Framing Syllabus

The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) involves parents, teachers and heads of schools in the process of drafting the national curriculum framework. Bhavan's joins in.

Samarpan - One For The Teachers

Samarpan 2015 - Bhavan's one-of-a-kind Interschool Culturals for Teachers!

Quiz Time At Bhavan’S Rajaji

The Quiz Club of Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram, Kilpauk, organised the third edition of the Annual Inter School Quiz Competition, The Cue 2015, recently. Over 75 teams comprising of students from Classes IX to XII from various city schools participat...

Sdm - Bhavan's Online Debating Platform

Debating has now gone online. Unlike the conventional method, online debating provides you a platform to interact with people from around the world without even leaving your room. Here, the participants, judges, the moderator, as well as the audie...

Geetha Nandakumar Connecting With Parents

Geetha Nandakumar, Bhavan's Vice Principal, talks to parents about the past year 2015, including the efforts taken by teachers and parents to access and address the psychological effects of the students post Chennai floods.

Dr Jagdish Connecting With Parents

Dr Jagdish, Head - IT Initiatives, BRV talks to parents about the IT initiatives of the school in the year 2015 and all that's in store for the new year.

Bhavan's Boy, Rahil Shah, Makes It Big In Cricket

Rahil Shah, born in the state of Gujarat, spun out a team from Gujarat - Baroda - to lead Tamil Nadu to victory in their Ranji Trophy opener and he hopes he isn't done yet.

Bhavan's Boy Triumphs At Spelling Bee Tourney

Sanjan, a student of Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, was placed first in category 2 (age group 8-10).

Bhavan's Storyteller

Bhavan's is known for more than the academic prowess of its students; it's well-renowned for the extracurricular feats of its pupils too. Shivani Devanand, a Class III student of Bhavans, writes a short story for The Hindu.

Bhavan's Regetta Champ-In-The-Making

Chitresh Tatha, a Class VIII student of Bhavans’ Rajaji Vidyashram, is a burgeoning talent in the field of Regatta...

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Bhavan's Parent Connect 01

Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram, Bhavan'S Rajaji VidyashramBhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram
In the first-of-its-kind series, Bhavan's reaches out to parents to showcase the milestones of 2015 and the promising prospects of 2016.