Best Summer Drinks For Kids

14 Cool Drinks

This delicious drink is served by roadside vendors all over Mexico. Not too much fruit, not too much sugar, just a beautiful way to quench your thirst on a summer day.

25 Kid-Friendly Frozen Drinks For Summer

Cold sugary drinks just make summer feel more like summer! They are our favorite afternoon treat after a swim. You can also make a big batch for as an idea for a kids party. If you like these recipes but are looking for a more healthy option, chec...

Kid-Friendly Sippers | Myrecipes.Com

Broccoli salad is usually drowning in a creamy, often very sweet, dressing and studded with 1/2 pound crumbled bacon, making it more about the creamy dressing and bacon than about the actual broccoli. Ours uses a combination of canola mayonnaise a...

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Best Summer Drinks For Kids

Drinks to keep your kids cool this summer.