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Best Road Safety Practices From Around The World

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Teaching our children about road safety is perhaps one of the first lessons we give as parents, to enable them to take care of themselves as they step out into the world. 

Share this ClipBook with your child to teach him about the different road practices followed around the world and where India stands on road safety regulations, compared to the rest of the world.


How Safe Are Our Roads?

There is a global epidemic on the world’s roads, claiming the lives of hundreds of children every day. Safe Kids surveyed 6,000 parents in six countries about perceptions of road safety in their communities, and learned that many parents are conce...

10 Facts On Global Road Safety

This clip presents data from the Global status report on road safety 2013. The report shows that road traffic injuries remain an important public health problem despite progress in a number of countries.

Best Road Safety Practices From Around The World

Countries like India could take its cue from the policies, regulatory framework and institutional capacities developed by European nations, Japan and Oman. Globally, countries are moving towards zero tolerance policy on accidents and transforming...

International Practices In Road Safety

The years 2011-2020 have been designated as the Decade of Action for Road Safety by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This is a global acknowledgement of the gravity of road safety issues across the world and the lives being lost to it. Interna...

Dangerous Roads: How India Compares To The World

Road accidents are a leading cause of death and severe injuries around the globe. More than 12 lakh people die on the world’s roads each year, something which costs governments around three per cent of their GDP, according to estimates made in the...

30 Essential Road Safety Rules In India

Every now and then, we come across new vehicles on the road. Hence, it is vital to know and to follow the basic road safety rules and to ensure that everyone else follow these rules too. In a huge country like India, it may be difficult to execute...

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