Best Baby Milk Powders In India

Nestle Lactogen

Nestle Lactogen is the favorite milk powder brand for every mother. This formula milk is made using maltodextrin, whey proteins and essential nutrients.


If you are looking for immediate replacement to milk then Dexolac is the choice. Presence of amino acids and lecithin in high quantity in this formula is helpful in overall growth and brain development in newborn babies.


Lactodex is another known brand in India for baby milk powder. If your baby is above 6 months of age then Lactodex 2 is a great supplement for him as it is rich in nutrient content.

Nan Pro 1

This is another popular milk powder from Nestle. This is a nutritious instant milk formula consisting of fatty acids, immunoproteins and preĀ­blend nutrients.

Aptamil First

Aptamil First is another name in the list. This milk formula for babies is highly rich in contents like anti oxidants, prebiotics, nucleotides and 2 LCPs.

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Best Baby Milk Powders In India

Micky MehtaMicky Mehta
Best baby formula milk powder brands in India to give your infant for overall growth and brain development as supplement for mothers milk.