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Best Apps For Working Moms

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Are you always struggling to get things done on time? Do you find it difficult to remember important tasks that need to be completed within a deadline? You are not the only one. There are many hassled mothers out there who are juggling work and home, and just don't seem to find a few minutes of peace and quiet for themselves. 

Well, moms always on the run, don't fret. Technology can sometimes be a pain, but often it can come to your rescue. For busy mothers, mobile applications can be a boon, especially when you are finding it difficult to manage time. Our ClipBook introduces you to some of the best time management  apps that will help moms stay sane. Read on...   


The 25 Best Apps For Working Moms

Pressed for time? Mothers have too many chores to complete that sometimes 24 hours are not enough. With these apps, you can organise your cooking, shopping, billing—and still find a few minutes to log in some exercise.

Apps To The Rescue

Technological advances over the past few decades have made our lives seriously cushy but it has also made it fast-paced. We think it's only fair that the technology that has made us in such high demand all the time gives back a little. That's wher...

Useful To-Do List Apps To Help Busy Parents

Many parents find it strenuous to do multi-tasking and in the daily rush between buying groceries, picking up children from school and finishing that important presentation, they may forget some essential task or the other. These days task managem...

Top 10 Apps For Moms

How many times has your child run off with your phone and it's taken you hours or even days before it shows up again? There are two different apps from two different developers to consider that help you keep track of your phone.

12 Great Apps For Busy Moms

Multitasking mothers on the go can use these apps to make life easier, more organised and just plain fun. Pediatrician appointments scheduled for five minutes after the school bell rings, science projects that require blue (not purple) constructio...

10 Essential Smartphone Apps For Working Moms

Always being “on” can seem like a curse for busy moms. Fortunately, smartphone applications these days can be your saving grace. After polling many moms, I’ve come up with the following list of the top smartphone apps to help you better organise y...

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