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Benefits Of Using A Fountain Pen


Fountain pens are easy to use and loaded with advantages for students and parents. The main advantage of a fountain pen is the penmanship style. These pens are great for cursive writing and comfortable to use. A good fountain pen is sure to last longer for years. This ClipBook gives you six reasons why you should start using a fountain pen. 


History Of Fountain Pens

The main flaws of quills and pens with no ink reservoir is that they must be constantly dipped in ink so they could write or draw and, because of that, they can very easily stain the surface on which they write. Fountain pen is the first solution ...

The Beginner's Guide To Fountain Pens

It’s time to demystify the fountain pen. A lot of people think of fountain pens as archaic, inconvenient, or downright intimidating. But as soon as you first use a fountain pen, you realize that they’re really not that different from any other pen...

Here’S Why Your Child Should Use A Fountain Pen

This generation may be all about smartphones and digitisation, but it will help to nurture your child’s writing skills. That’s where the good old ink pen will come handy It took me a month, 10 stores, a persuasive friend and 250 bucks to find a f...

Six Benefits To Switching Back To Fountain Pens

Back and better than ever, modern fountain pens are easy to use and loaded with advantages for homeschooling students and parents. They’re great for cursive, they are more comfortable to use, and they don’t pile up like logjams on the desk. A go...

Top 5 Reasons For Writing With A Fountain Pen

The reasons are not about why to only write with fountain pens: there are many situations or reasons in which or why a roller ball, ballpoint, pencil, gel pen, you name it, is much more useful, convenient, or appropriate.

Better Than Other Pens

Putting aside one’s ballpoint and picking up a fountain pen is akin to making the switch from shaving with a cartridge razor to using a safety or straight razor. The nature of the tool requires more skill and attention on your part, but the experi...

Perfect For Writing A Journal

Whether a new model or a “vintage” pen, with a stiff nib or a flexible one, a good fountain pen is a pleasure to write with.  Even the ritual of pausing to draw ink from a bottle into a thirsty pen can bring a sense of nostalgic satisfaction in ou...

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