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Benefits Of Spending Quality Time With Your Teen


As a parent, at times, you may have felt that once your child turned a teen, she has become more independent and doesn't spend as much time with you as she used to previously. 

But, why do teens want to remain aloof?

There are many reasons, with the most common one being difference of opinion. However, there are also teens who are very close to their parents and share everything with them.

So, why does this happen?

Teens and parents bonding well is usually the result of a close parent–child relationship. Spending quality time with your teen would go a long way in helping you establish a close bond with her. This is important because, not only would it help you understand your teen better, but also give the opportunity to guide your child in the right direction.

Flip through the pages of our ClipBook to know more about why it’s important to spend quality time with your teen.


Builds Self-Esteem

While it may not seem like a big deal to you, the quality time you spend with your teen can play a vital role in building her self-esteem. Individual with a healthy sense of self-esteem love themselves and understand their true worth. This helps t...

Improves Academic Performance

Spending quality time with your teen can improve her academic performance. Just sitting down and talking with your child can help her feel valued and important. Talking about education and career with your child will motivate her to do well in stu...

Instils Feeling Of Well-Being

While teenagers may seek independence from their parents, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to spend quality time with them. Turns out that adolescents who spend more quality time with their parents feel better and...

Creates Good Memories

Recollecting good memories makes us feel happy. This is one of the most valuable gift parents can give their children. But, to create good memories, you need to be present with your teen and relate to him. But, when your teen wants to be left alon...

Reduces Stress

You read it right! Spending time with your teen is not only beneficial for her, but you as well. Turns out that parents who spend time with family feel better and more relaxed. So, leave behind worries about work for a while and spend the time wit...

Ways To Spend Time With Your Teen

Now that you know the enormous benefits of spending time with your teen, here are some ways that you can go about doing it. Remember, at the end of the day, the activity you chose to do together is not as important as how involved you and your tee...

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