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Benefits Of Puzzles For Children

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Why Puzzles Are Good For Your Child's Development

You’ve probably heard that puzzles are good for your child’s mind and cognitive development. In fact, you may have received puzzles as new baby gifts. But why are puzzles considered helpful to a child’s mental development? Here are some reasons.

Puzzle Play Helps Boost Learning Of Important Math-Related Skills

Children who play with puzzles between ages 2 and 4 later develop better spatial skills, a study by University of Chicago researchers found in 2012. Puzzle play was found to be a significant predictor of spatial skill after controlling for differe...

Crossword Puzzles Have A Positive Impact On Children

Crossword puzzles are good for the mind. They can help keep the mind sharp and also help sharpen your spelling skills. They can help kids understand the meaning of words while being entertaining at the same time. Kids especially can be positively ...

Wooden Puzzles Can Help Build Confidence

Don’t you just love wooden puzzles for kids? They’re so much fun and children learn all sorts of things from recognizing different colors and shapes to developing fine motor skills, social development and overall confidence.

Word Puzzles Help Boost Learning

As a child, chances are you spent hours on end poring over puzzle books, solving word searches, anagrams and crosswords. Today’s kids may be more likely to lose hours to computer games, but word puzzles are still a great way to pass the time and b...

Jigsaw Puzzles Encourage Learning Development

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent source of educational value for children of all ages. Completing a jigsaw involves the child using several different aspects of the thinking process. This article will explain how you can use puzzles with very young...

10 Benefits Of Puzzles For Children

Many parents buy puzzles for their children just to make them sit quiet for some time and let them relax too. On the other hand, experts are of the opinion that puzzles are an important means of learning that can help enhance overall development o...

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