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Benefits Of Probiotics For Children


Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our intestine. These bacteria function in different ways and keep us healthy. Although probiotics are beneficial, they are very fragile and taking antibiotics can kill these bacteria, thus reducing their numbers. The state of your intestinal health can indicate the population of probiotics in your body. Probiotics are required by both children and adults for a healthy digestive system. But what are the benefits of probiotics for children?

According to healthland.time.com, “A new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) finds that probiotics — types of ‘good’ bacteria that colonize in your gut and may help improve digestion, immune defense and even metabolism — can have certain health benefits in some children.”

Eating foods rich in probiotics can help your children during diarrhoea or other digestive disorders, although it is best to avoid probiotic supplements for children. You can give your children foods with natural probiotics for maximum benefits. Yogurt and buttermilk are excellent choices for providing children with natural probiotics. Most children will willingly consume yogurt in some form. Other than milk products, there are other foods that are also rich in probiotics. An article in The Huffington Post says, “Beyond the dairy case, probiotics are also found in pickles packed in brine, sauerkraut, kimchi (a spicy Korean condiment), tempeh (a soy-based meat substitute) and miso (a Japanese soybean paste used as a seasoning).”

Research is ongoing on the benefits of probiotics for skin and respiratory infections, dental cavities and other conditions. Talk to your children’s doctor about probiotics and related foods.

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