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Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair


Oiling the hair is usually a practice you might associate with grand mothers. However, in today's age of pollution and stress, this becomes an important healthcare activity. Its benefits range from helping growth of the hair and providing it with shine and lustre to preventing dandruffs. An article in THE HealthSite lists a few of the various benefits of oiling your hair:

• Protects the hair

• Retains moisture

• Relaxes muscles/tendons

• Relieves headache

• Increases blood circulation

• Prevents infections

You can reap the maximum benefit only if you do this regularly for oiling to take effect on your hair and scalp. According to an article in India Parenting, “If you want to keep your hair break-free, oil it regularly. Oiling hair will also help you relax after a long day. Massaging hair is a popular stress buster.” Oiling your hair at lease once a week, and more often if your hair is dry and rough, is advisable.

Also, there are various kinds of oil with various benefits. You can use coconut, sesame, almond or olive oil for yourself and your child, according to your likes and preferences. But whichever oil you choose, remember that any day, it is better than cosmetic products and artificial treatments.

To know more benefits of oiling the hair, and to gauge which oil will work best for you, get guidance from the articles compiled in our ClipBook.


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