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Benefits Of Eating A Cucumber


Did you know that the cucumber, which is commonly thought to be a vegetable, is a fruit?

Who does not like eating a cool slice of cucumber on a hot summer day to beat the heat? Simple, inexpensive and delicious, the humble cucumber has other benefits as well.

High in beneficial nutrients, cucumbers are low in calories and contain water and soluble fibre.

Go through this ClipBook to know more about why you should make the cucumber an integral part of your diet.


Cucumbers: All You Need To Know

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus and belong to the same botanical family as melons (including watermelon and cantaloupe) and squashes (including summer squash, winter squash, zucchini and pumpkin). Go through this article to k...

Helps You Detox And Lose Weight

Cucumber nutrition helps you detox and lose weight, plus so much more. Read more about cucumber nutrition in this article and take home these healthy cucumber recipes.

Prevents Memory Loss

According to a study, avoiding memory loss related to ageing as well as Alzheimer’s disease could be as simple as eating more cucumbers.

Fights Inflammation

Cucumbers are rich in four flavonoids called quercetin, apigenin, kaempferol and luteolin. According to a review featured in Inflammation Research, flavonoids can possess anti-inflammatory properties due to "antioxidant activity, inhibition of eic...

Can Benefit The Skin

Loaded with antioxidants and moisture and pH-balanced perfectly with your skin, cucumbers have been the quintessential beauty gourd since movies have been showing off a fancy lady in a face mask. Cucumbers relieve eye puffiness miraculously, but t...

Beneficial For People With Diabetes

Cucumbers have been used for diabetic patients for many years. They possess a hormone required by the beta cells during insulin production. The glycemic index (GI) of cucumbers is actually zero. The carbohydrates contribute to raising the glucose ...

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