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Benefits Of Cycling For Children


Cycling is a great way for parents to ensure that their kids enjoy some sort of physical activity on a regular basis. It is easy to learn and can also be an excellent family activity. It can also be a chance for your child become a cycling champion!

Cycling offers many health benefits for kids. It can prevent childhood obesity and help your kids gain stamina. It is a great cardiovascular exercise. It also helps to alleviate stress, which can prevent psychological health problems in children. It helps with improved muscle strength, strong bones and better co-ordination. Cycling also improves motor skills and helps with balance. "Learning to ride a bike grows special needs kids mentally. As everyone experiencing the struggle knows, it takes focus to stay upright as he or she masters the task. Grasping the skill to bike ride also requires determination to carry through to the end. But once your child does, the results prove to be well worth the effort," states an article titled Benefits of Bike Riding for Children with Special Needs, published in bethebestsport.org,

But teaching kids to cycle with care and caution is very important. Using a helmet is one such cautious consideration. According to an article titled Bike Safety, published in kidshealth.org, "A head injury can mean brain injury. That's why it's so important to wear your bike helmet. Wearing one doesn't mean you can be reckless, but a helmet will provide some protection for your face, head, and brain in case you fall down." Other safety considerations are not cycling in rough weather, when traffic is bad, on rocky roads or gravel paths etc. Proper bicycle maintenance is also important for safety.

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All About Bicycle Riding

There's a special bond between children and bikes that can never be broken. Riding a bike is a rite of passage, a passport to a world beyond the front lawn. Bikes represent fun, freedom, fresh air and everything that's good about being a child.

How Cycling Is Vital For Childhood Development

Cycling plays an important role in the overall growth of your child. Not only does it help your child grow physically, but also allows your child to grow mentally and emotionally.

Health Benefits Of Cycling Or Walking To School

Two recent studies have found that cycling or walking to school is associated with higher overall physical activity throughout the day.

The Benefits Of Family Cycling

Children love cycling, it's fast and fun, and gives them freedom and independence to get around. And you don’t need to wait until your children are old enough to ride themselves to start enjoying the benefits of cycling as a family.

Tips And Strategies For Riding With Kids

Travelling with children on bicycles is a great way to live the car-free lifestyle and introduce children to the joys and health benefits of bicycling.

Bike Safety

Bike riding is a lot of fun, but accidents are bound to happen. Some of these injuries are so serious that children die, usually from head injuries. Many say that the safest way to use your bike is for transportation, not play.

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