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Benefits Of Body Massage For Babies

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Massage, a form of touch therapy, has been prevalent for ages and has healing and soothing properties. If you thought massages are only for grown- ups, you’re wrong. Even new born babies relish the intimate touch of their mothers, which is also a massage, in one way

Parentinghealthybabies.com says baby massage has been considered as one of the most effective techniques for improving infant health as it not only relieves stress and pain but also supports proper development of body organs and the limbs. Massaging the baby also leads to better bonding between the baby and the parent.

According to an article published in parents.com, giving your infant regular massages is good for his emotional well-being too. Some of the benefits of massage for babies include reduced crying and fussiness, helping her sleep more peacefully, alleviating common wail-inducers like constipation and colic, leading to fewer startled motions, relief from digestion problems and strengthening the immune system of the baby. Massages can be done to the legs, arms, belly and neck of the babies.

Livestrong.com says premature babies who struggle with weight gain can benefit a lot with massage. Massages release a growth hormone in the premature infant that helps him gain necessary weight and aids the development of vital organs including the brain.

To know more about the benefits that a body massage provides to babies, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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