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Benefits Of Blogging For Children

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Today, children have easy access to the cyberworld, and blogging has emerged as a popular pastime. Be it about fashion, travel, food, sports or just writing about one’s personal experiences, writing and maintaining a blog can be an enriching experience.

But, what is a blog? In simple terms, a blog is an website that consists of a series of posts or articles. The latest posts are displayed on the first page, with the older ones appearing on subsequent ones. A typical blog will combine text, images and links to other blogs or web pages.

According to theschoolrun.com, kids should be encouraged to take up blogging. Some schools have already set up facilities for their pupils to do so. It has been found out that blogging helps children develop confidence, improve their self-expression and feel a sense of fulfilment from the publication of their work.

Benefits of blogging for children also include the improvement of reading and writing skills. Children become more creative and independent due to this. Blogging also helps children forge multicultural links as well.

Some popular children's blogs are Super Tom, Never Seconds, Major Love of Film and Childtastic Books as listed in kidsblogclub.com.

Through blogging, children can learn more about technology, be active on social media, learn how to deal with the opinion of others, and develop social skills for life, says iftiseo.com.

To know more about the benefits of blogging for children, please click through the pages of this ClipBook. 


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