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Being The Parent Of An Autistic Child

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Parenting autistic children has its own set of challenges and difficulties. The following excerpt from an article published in The Huffington Post gives a gist of the struggle that such parents have to go through:

“Parents of autistic children are isolated. We do not go to as many social gatherings with our children. We then too have the comments and stares when out with our child and we try to make it look like we are not bothered. I often say to myself they do not understand how it is for us, how life is for my child, but it still hurts even though I carry on smiling.”

Parents of autistic children face many kinds of stress. Depression during the time their children are diagnosed with autism is common, although it does decline over a period of time. Social isolation is another big problem faced by parents of autistic children; people fail to understand the needs of such special children and tend to avoid them out of fear. The first two issues tend to create a sense of chronic sorrow and failure. But in recent times, efforts have been made by NGOs as well as the media to increase awareness among the general public about the special needs of autistic children. It is an important step in reaching out and supporting the parents of such children.

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