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Behaviour And Emotions

Aparna Balasundaram, Expert, PsychotherapistAparna Balasundaram


Embarrassing Things Kids Say - Parentcircle

Not only do kids act embarrassingly at times, but also tend to say embarrassing things. Here's a look at some such things kids normally say and how you could manage the situation better. Swapna Sundari’s six-year-old marched up to an overweight g...

Correct Your Child's Behavior, Not The Emotions

Send that message that it's OK to have a wide variety of emotions, but that doesn't mean it's OK to break the rules.

Bringing Up Great Kids - Understanding Your Child's Emotional Development

When we talk about emotional development, we are referring to children’s growing ability to From the time they are born, children quickly develop their abilities to experience and express different emotions, as well as their capacity to cope with...

Emotional Milestones For Your Child - Parentcircle

Smiling, eye contact, play and other social interactions are significant achievements for infants and toddlers. Find out if your child is crossing these age-appropriate emotional milestones on time. Emotional development is all about learning abo...

Early Warning Signs Of Violent Behaviour In Children - Parentcircle

Ignoring signs of violent behaviour or condoning violence during childhood can result in a child adopting violent behaviour. Read on to understand early signs of such behaviour to nip it in the bud. Most children love rough play like tackling, tu...

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