Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories : App

Samsung’S Bedtime Vr Stories Is An Ambitious App For Remote Parenting

Fans of virtual reality say the technology is going to connect people like never before, and Samsung obviously believes in this vision. The tech company has unveiled a new prototype app, Bedtime VR Stories, designed to let parents telling their ch...

Will Samsung's Bedtime Vr Stories App Revolutionise Parenting?

For parents who can't make it home for bedtime, Samsung has created an app that allows you to read your kids a bedtime story through virtual reality. Bedtime VR Stories is a multi-user storytelling app, that lets parents take their kids through a ...

Put On Your Pjs, Brush Your Teeth, And...Slap On A Gear Vr?

Night night. Don't let the bedbugs bite—not the virtual ones, at least. You can thank Samsung for that idea, as the company is now promoting a new Bedtime VR Stories app that allows parents and their (sleepy) kids to entertain themselves in a big,...

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Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories : App

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Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories is an ambitious app for remote parenting