Becoming A Storyteller

Being A Storyteller

Every professional storyteller once asked this same question. Even if you are considering becoming a "just-for-fun" storyteller, you are likely filled with some anxieties, apprehensions, and lots of questions about the process. "How do I begin?" "...

The 5 Common Elements Of Good Storytelling

My favourite activity while I lived in Tofino, B.C., was attending my artist friend Roy Henry Vickers's storytellings. His art gallery is a large room, set mostly in cedar, with an inset middle area where people can sit at several levels and liste...

The Secret To Great Storytelling

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Storytelling Workshop With Gerald Fierst

The first step to telling your own story is to write it. The idea for your story may be based on an old tale or come from an original plot, but it must be put into your own words and, then, told with your own style of telling. There are many ways ...

How To Be A Great Storyteller And Win Over Any Audience

Nothing can boost your career more than being a great story-teller. Whether it's an elevator pitch or talking about yourself in an interview, here's a Four-Step guide to engaging your audience.

Instill The Love Of Storytelling With These Tips

Christine Bryant is a freelance writer based in Columbus, OH, where she lives with her husband and daughter. She writes for SheKnows, as well as several other publications that include newspapers and magazines. She writes on topics such ... Resear...

How To Be An Engaging Storyteller: Top Ten Tools For Kids

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5 Career Paths For People Who Love Telling Stories

People in multimedia love to tell stories. Whether it’s through words, videos, audio, signage, design, or a combination of them all, their work is to engage others in a compelling way. And their purpose can be just as varied: They may be sharing t...

Why Storytelling Is The 'Best Career' In The World?

Here are 5 reasons, why storytelling is the best career in the world? 1) The best part is storytelling is edutainment. You educate and entertain at the same time, which makes it an enriching process for the storyteller as well as the audience. 2) ...

How To Become A Professional Storyteller

The tradition of oral narrative, or the art of storytelling, is something that has been with humanity ever since its origin. These days, amid increasing opportunities for electronic transmission of sight and sound, storytelling sometimes seems lik...

Michael Margolis: How To Turn A Storytelling Passion Into A Career

In Chapter 2 of 13 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with Erik Michielsen, storyteller and entrepreneur Michael Margolis shares how he recognized his p...

The Five Beats Of Successful Storytelling & How They Can Help You Land Your Next Job

hether it’s your own personal bio, a summary for your company’s “about” page, or a pitch to a major client, fitting everything important into a concise yet engaging narrative is a challenging task. So we turned to performer, comedian, and storytel...

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Becoming A Storyteller

Storytelling is an art; Here's how it can be turned into a profession as well.