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Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea



Beauty Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Research shows that green tea is packed with beauty benefits that you can attain by drinking it as well as by applying it directly onto your skin. Go through this article to know about the many beauty benefits that green tea provides...

Drink Green Tea For Gorgeous Skin

Keeping one's body hydrated during the summer is not very easy. The dry wind, hot weather and the intense heat all dehydrate the body very quickly. So, it’s necessary to keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You can also add green tea to...

Top Five Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea

Rich in anti-oxidants and age-fighting properties, sipping on a cup of hot green tea after a stressful day automatically brings on a sense of calm...

Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea Bags

We are all well aware of the health benefits of green tea, but before you discard the used green tea bag, think twice...

Green Tea Beyond The Cup

The green tea can work wonders for your skin and hair - and it's not just about drinking it...Mohini Mehrotra gets you expert-backed tips on how to include green tea in your beauty regime.

Green Tea Beauty Secrets

Green tea has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, and not just for its amazing health benefits while consumed as a drink. Cosmetic companies have capitalized on green tea’s potent anti-oxidant qualities and started adding it to their produc...

Green Tea To Control Hair Loss

You wake up in the morning and brush your hair to see extra strands falling. What is your immediate reaction? Utter disappointment. And while you may have tried a billion of tricks on how to control this growing menace, nothing seems to be working...

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