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Bathroom Safety Tips For Young Children

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Bathroom Safety For Children

As children begin to use the toilet, bathroom safety becomes important. Because there are many potential safety hazards in the bathroom, child care providers need to supervise bathroom use carefully.

Creating A Safe Bathroom For Kids

Little kids find water fascinating. Once your baby becomes mobile, a whole new world opens for exploration, including the one beyond the bathroom door. Here's how you can create a safe bathroom for your younger kids.

Bathtub And Shower Safety

Bathing is a part of everyday life. However, many parents do not know that children can be seriously injured in the bathtub or in the shower. Many of these injuries can be prevented by following the safety tips given in this article.

Tips For Bathroom Safety

With its slippery and hard surfaces, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home. Protect yourself and your family by following these tips.

Childproof Your Bathroom

The simplest way to avoid bathroom injuries is to make this room inaccessible unless your child is accompanied by an adult. This can be done through various ways that includes installing a latch on the door at adult height so the child can't get i...

Bath Temperature For Children

It takes less than a second for a child to be severely scalded by water that’s too hot. You can get a safe bath temperature and avoid scalds in the bathroom by reducing the temperature of the water coming out of your bathroom taps and by following...

Safety Checklist In The Bathroom

Follow the safety checklist below to prevent children from getting hurt or injured in your bathroom. Never leave a young child alone in the bathroom, especially in a bath. Also be careful with any source of standing water, such as toilets, large m...

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