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Bathroom Safety Tips For Young Children


Happy that your child has finally learnt to use the toilet on her own? But, what about her safety?

Using the bathroom is part and parcel of life. Yet, there are so many ways through which your child can get injured. From a simple pool of standing water to sharp objects in the form of razors, the bathroom can turn into a dangerous zone.

Always do a safety checklist of the bathroom to make sure you child can use it without being exposed to dangers. This ClipBook offers tips to make the bathroom safe for your children including how you can control certain aspects such as the temperature of your child’s bath.


Bathroom Safety For Children

As children begin to use the toilet, bathroom safety becomes important. Because there are many potential safety hazards in the bathroom, child care providers need to supervise bathroom use carefully. As children reach the preschool years and beyon...

Bathtub And Shower Safety

Bathing is a part of everyday life. However, many parents do not know that children can be seriously injured in the bathtub or in the shower. Many of these injuries can be prevented by following the safety tips given in this article.

Tips For Bathroom Safety

For many of us, the bathroom is our favourite room in the house. It can also be the most dangerous room in the house, and this is especially true for older adults and small children. With a little effort, you can make the bathroom a safe and relax...

Bath Temperature For Children

Bath time can be a wonderful experience for your baby, but sometimes it can be very stressful. The temperature of the baby’s bath water is one part of the experience that you can control and is an important part of making the experience a safe one...

Childproof Your Bathroom

The bathroom is part of every morning ritual. You probably use it so often that you have become oblivious to how unsafe the bathroom can be for kids. The bathroom can be one of the more hazardous rooms in your home for your baby. The following tip...

Safety Checklist In The Bathroom

Never leave a young child alone in the bathroom, especially in a bath. Also be careful with any source of standing water, such as toilets, large mop buckets, and pools. Follow the safety checklist below to prevent children from getting hurt or inj...

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