Bathing Your Newborn

Baby's First Bath

The first few times can be a bit tricky, but you'll soon be a pro. Here's a how-to guide to tackling tub time.

How To Give Your Newborn A Bath

How to give your newborn a bath

How To Bathe A New Born Baby

This is nice video, you can simply learn how u bath your beby easly.

Washing And Bathing Your Baby

A step-by-step guide to washing and bathing a baby, including how to wash and bathe and how often to do it.

Baby's First Bath: Sponge, Tubs, Soap, And More

Your baby's first bath is a special event. It offers tips on getting the most out of baby bath time.

Bathing Your Newborn

Your new baby has arrived, and there's so much to learn. So where do start if you want to give your newborn a bath? Our article has all you need to know.

Tips For Bathing Baby

Dr. Sears shares helpful information on what to use, how often to bathe, and how to make bathing baby a fun bonding experience for both parent and child.

Baby Bath Basics: A Parent's Guide

Baby bath — Understand the basics, from testing water temperature to holding your newborn securely.

How To Give A Newborn A Sponge Bath

Watch for how to give a newborn a sponge bath and my newborn bathing tips

A Guide For First-Time Parents

If you're a first-time parent, put your fears aside and get the basics in this guide about burping, bathing, bonding, and other baby-care concerns.

How Do I Give My Baby A Sponge Bath?

How do I give my baby a sponge bath?

Newborn Baby Falls Asleep During His First Bath

Nurse shows us how to clean and bathe Calvin on the day he was born. He liked the water so much that he fell asleep during the bath.

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Bathing Your Newborn

Vishnu PriyaVishnu Priya
When you do bathe your newborn, you may find it a little scary at first. Here is the guide to make it easy.