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Basics Of Parenting!

Aparna Balasundaram, Expert, PsychotherapistAparna Balasundaram

Love is an action. Parenting is a deliberate action. You have to do it on purpose.

Parenting styles vary from child to child depending on individual personality, even within the same family. Every child is unique; even those who have the same parents can differ in their traits! So, it is essential that you understand your little darling’s unique personality. It is possible to do this even when your child is a baby or a toddler.

Once you’ve identified the personality type you should focus on the appropriate parenting style. For this, both parents should sit down and discuss before narrowing down on the approach. However you decide to parent your little princess, adopt the non-violent way. Let her face the power of natural consequences and time-out.

“Research has proven that when we teach our children to be thankful and count their blessings, it develops resilience, happiness and a positive attitude to life. While having a thankful outlook will not change the events in their lives, it definitely changes the way they perceive them. As children learn to find and acknowledge their blessings, even in the midst of difficult times, they learn that problems can be conquered and difficulties can be solved.” Parent Edge

So, how do you teach your child gratefulness? How do your words impact her? Shouldn’t school be about creativity over grades? Is your daughter prepared for puberty? When do you stop parenting your darling?

All this and more has been packed into this ClipBook which is a collection of articles by Aparna Balasundaram, an accomplished psychotherapist and parent coach.

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“The Way we TALK to our Children becomes their INNER VOICE.”- Peggy O’Mara<br>Did you know that every word that comes out of a parent’s mouth impacts a child? As a parent, you can decide whether that impact is positive or negative!

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