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Basics Of Media Production

Vasuki Belavadi


How Does Satellite & Cable Tv Work In India

Here’s a short whiteboard animation on how Satellite & Cable TV works in India. If you like this video, share it. If you wish to know more about video production & distribution, just go ahead & purchase the book Video Production (II edition) pub...

Practical Tips For Successful Radio Interviews

A word of caution. This is a long post. Like the title suggests, it is all about interviewing for radio. According to the Wikipedia (what else? ;-), an interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the intervi...

How To Shoot A Scene?

So you have a video camera and you wish to shoot your first shorty. And make it look good. Here are some tips to follow when shooting scenes. Before we proceed further, what’s a scene? A scene is a unit of story that takes place at a specific loca...

Realistic Budgeting For Video

Many people approach me and ask me to help them make a video either on the good work they are doing or simply on their organisation. The moment I say I’d be willing to help them, the first question they ask is, “How much will it cost?” “What is ...

Types Of Montage

Soviet film makers of the 1920s like Kuleshov, Pudovkin, and Sergei Eisenstein all were founding fathers of montage, although it is argued that Eisenstein defined lent status to what he called ‘intellectual montage’. Montage means to assemble. A...

About Transitions & When To Use Them

Transitions are changeovers from one shot/scene/sequence to another. A Cut is an instantaneous shift from one shot to another is the most commonly used transition. A Dissolve is when two shots overlap each other, with the first gradually disappear...

How Does A Video Tape Recorder Work?

This video briefly explains how a video tape recorder works.

Difference Between Digital & Analogue Audio Signals

The video below shows the differences between analogue & digital audio signal. It also shows the differences between mono & stereo audio.

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