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Balanced Diet For Teenagers


A house with growing teens needs a well-stocked fridge. You shouldn’t be surprised that your teen is hungry ever so often. “A surge in appetite around the age of ten in girls and twelve in boys foreshadows the growth spurt of puberty.”

Teens need to be aware of their nutritional needs. They need to understand that they tend to eat more during growth spurts and that improper eating habits during teenage can cause metabolic problems that can affect adulthood. They should also realise that sufficient nutrition contributes to good performance in academics, sports, creative activities and other interests. They should bear in mind that junk food cannot be relied on for the right nutrients.

The nutritional needs of your teenager will vary with time, growth and activity. Also, these needs vary from teenager to teenager. You need to ensure that your teenager eats a balanced diet. Teens need to eat from all food groups. A wholesome diet makes for a wholesome body and mind. Vegetables, fruits and grilled meat are the answer.

As they grow, teens establish their likes and dislikes on food choice. They also decide on the time and quantity of the food. This is an ideal time for you to talk to them about their nutritional needs and the downside of neglecting these.

As a responsible parent, you need to know how many calories your teen needs. You may also have questions such as - Are there diet charts available for teenagers? What does a teen’s healthy plate look like? This ClipBook will furnish you with every important detail that you will need on your teen’s nutrition. Remember, happiness and contentment in life is achieved by eating well, especially in teens.

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