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Back A Thon-pushing Illiteracy Backwards

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Here’s to cotton candy dreams, scraped knees and the yellow park slide... Here’s to every kid who’s on the MAD ride...

Back-A-Thon - A Fight Against Illiteracy

Treading on the 13th year of life, Devi has taken a liking to reading. Until a year ago she had never read a book, just heard stories from her “didi”.

Backathon- Backstab Illiteracy!

MAD(Make A Difference) organizes Backthon in almost all the cities where it has its chapter. It takes place on International Literacy Day (8th September).

Back-A-Thon 2015 | #Caremore

We are aware about the plight of shelter homes in India and the appalling numbers of cases that put these children at risk there. We know now, about how uncertain the future of these children are, once they step out of the four walls of their shel...

Indulge - Chennai, 11092015 :Readwhere

News Express Network Private Limited forms part of the “The New Indian Express” Group and was incorporated on August 13, 1999 under Indian Companies Act, 1956. This Company was promoted by Express Publications (Madurai) Limited which is the flagsh...

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