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Priya Kathpal


How Often Do You Need To Feed Your Newborn? - Parentcircle

Feeding a newborn can be challenging, confusing and overwhelming at the same time. So, how do new parents go about it? Read on to know more. A mother’s milk is the only thing the baby needs during the first six months of his or her life. When bre...

Foods That Cause Gas In Babies - Parentcircle

Gas can cause your baby to be irritable and difficult to manage. This article tells you how you can identify the problem and provides ways to bring relief to an upset child. Ruchi Agarwal, a mother to a baby girl, was often confused about her bab...

All You Need To Know About Babywearing - Parentcircle

The practice of a mother wearing her baby close to her body is centuries old and is known to have immense benefits for the well-being of a child. Here’s how you can do it right Babywearing is defined as the practice of wearing your baby on your b...

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