Baalyaa School

Baalyaa School

"The school that radiates happiness is an ideal school". Our perspective of quality of education in BAALYAA School is not only analogous to the statement but identical to it. In BAALYAA, we make all efforts to promote a friendly and happy environm...

Our Aims

Encourage children to develop self respect, self awareness, independence and ambition in a safe and caring environment. Equip children with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.Help children develop the confi...

Baalyaa Education

Is the time to discover a new space full of opportunities, to learn the spoken language, practical and sensorial activities and basics of etiquette and interpersonal relationship. Is the time to lay the foundations for reading, writing and arithme...

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Baalyaa School

A gateway to enlightened learning and success.