Ayurdhaama Yoga Classes


Yoga is an integrating discipline that seeks to unite the body and the mind. It helps to apply a balancing principle in life. Yoga provides an inner strength and peace of mind, that serve as counterweights whenever ailments force us to bend to one...

The Instructor

Yoga Bhushana Ashwini Prashanth has over 20 years of experience practising Yoga and over 14 years of experience as a professional Yoga Instructor. She started practising Yoga at the early age of 12. She has learnt Yoga from the direct disciple of ...

Article On Ayurdhaama - Yoga By A Woman, For Women - City Plus Newspaper

"Yoga by a Woman, for Women", that throws light on our Yoga classes. This article was published in CITY PLUS newspaper of Dainik Jagran Group.

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Wellness - Sports/Fitness | 0-18 yrs

Ayurdhaama Yoga Classes

Ayurdhaama Yoga Classes , Ayurdhaama Yoga Classes Ayurdhaama Yoga Classes
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