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Awesome Tiger-themed Diy Activities

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With their yellow coat and black stripes, tigers have always fascinated children. But, despite many efforts to save this species, their numbers have been declining steadily. Let’s create an awareness in our children about the need to preserve this species. What better way of doing this than through tiger-themed DIY activities? Here’s a collection of such activities.

15 Cute Tiger-Themed Crafts

When little kids decide an animal is their favourite, they want to see, do, and hear anything they can get their hands on about that animal! In fact, sometimes they even want to be that animal in dress-up games or while they’re playing pretend wit...

Tiger Crafts

Tiger crafts, coloring and other activities for preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool kids.

Sticky Tiger Craft For Kids

We love sticky walls and sticky tables. This activity can be used as either. The main material you need to make this activity sticky is CONTACT PAPER. If you don't have a roll of clear contact paper (or clear shelf liner) on hand, go buy some!

All About Tigers: Books, Crafts, And Activities

Our art exploration of Bangladesh led us to think about tigers. About how big and fascinating and powerful they are. So, I jumped down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest to see what I could find. I found fun art projects and cute crafts. Then, I h...

Make A Streak Of Tiger Finger Puppets!

Create some exciting pretend play with this streak – or ambush – of tiger finger puppets! If you recall, about a month ago I shared this parliament of paper owls craft as part of a group sharing ideas based on collective nouns. These adorable tige...

Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers

Kids bored? Here’s an idea! Give them a box of new craft supplies with the simple instruction to “make something.” I recently did just that and look what the child made! These adorable Craft Stick Tigers double as a refrigerator magnet or a bookm...

Tiger Crafts

Whether you are studying India, just interested in tigers, or looking at the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, you can enjoy these easy tiger crafts with the kids! We've tried to provide crafts that will appeal to all ages and are easy to manage with...

Tiger Crafts For Kids

The mighty tiger, so vicious, so dangerous, yet so darn cute when our little ones dress up like them. Running around the house switching back and forth between roaring and growling and then purring like they were a house cat all along. Help them m...

Heart Tiger Craft For Kids

Today we made an adorable tiger made out of paper hearts! It was very easy and the boys loved making it. The girls said it could also be a kitty cat without the stripes! Since it uses all hearts, you could do this activity for Valentine’s Day or w...

Easy Tiger Craft For Kids

Tigers are beautiful animals and we wanted to create something to capture the patterns and texture of this majestic animal. For this Easy Tiger Craft for Kids you will need: Tiger Template blue card contact paper (sticky back plastic) orange tis...

How To Make A Tiger Mask (Video)

Go wild with your child, making this easy and fun tiger mask together. See how to do in our step-by-step video.

Be A Tiger In No Time! Mask Template And Tutorial: Make Your Own 3d Paper Tiger Mask

Here's a free template and step-by-step instructions on how to make a Tiger mask in a jiffy.

Tiger Craft

My son has been talking a lot about tigers lately, so it was no shock to me when I asked him what he wanted to make for art and he replied “Tiger?”. He loved making this and even though we didn’t cut eyes out, he has been playing with it like a ma...

Preschool Paperplate Art - Tiger

Here's a video on how to transform a paper plate into a tiger!

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