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Autism In India

Action For Autism


What Is Autism In India Like?

Many people have asked us: What is autism in India ‘like’? Does it look the same as autism in other places? What kinds of services are available? What do families do? Is the prevalence the same?

Things To Know About History Of Autism In India

It may come as a surprise to many people, but autism is not at all ‘new’ to India. Most likely introduced through the colonial British medical system, autism was described in the Indian scientific literature perhaps as early as 1944.

How Action For Autism (Afa) Brought Changes In The Policies In India?

In a country where appropriate legislation and services for people with disabilities are few and far between, AFA’s grit and determination has made some differences in the minds of the policy makers.

Learn The Role Played By Media In Spreading Awareness About Autism

The popular press, television and films have had an extremely powerful role in spreading awareness about autism in India, dating back to the mid-1990’s. AFA Team members are often asked by print and electronic media to share information about autism.

Indian Language Resources To Aid People With Autism

Check out the various Indian Language books and tools that are available to help people with autism.

Check The Case Studies That Recorded Autism In India Since 1950'S

While of little practical interest, it is nevertheless intriguing to look back at the history of Autism, and particularly the history of Autism in India. Since the late 1950's, articles have appeared in Indian medical and social journals and books...

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