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Attention Seeking Children

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Children constantly feel the need to attract their parent’s attention. Such behaviour is acceptable and even justified on the part of children. However, excessive attention seeking behaviour can become a problem. If your child is constantly whining or seeking your attention, it is a good idea to rule out the causes of such behaviour; sometimes, a physical ailment or anxiety disorder can also cause a child to seek attention. But if your child is happy and healthy yet constantly calling for your attention, it is time for you to address the situation.

According to, “By trial and error, growing children figure out what makes adults continue to give them attention and what drives them away.” A child may seek attention for many reasons. But if you constantly ignore your child’s positive behaviour, she will find other ways to draw your attention. And if you begin to pay attention to her negative behaviour, this will become her way of seeking your attention. says, “Negative attention teaches children how to manipulate and get their way. They learn to be troublesome. They learn how to interrupt you. They learn how to control you. Negative attention teaches children how to tease, nag, and annoy. It teaches children to aggravate, irritate, and exasperate. We teach this by not paying attention to our children when they are behaving appropriately, and by paying attention to them when they are misbehaving.”

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How To Deal With Attention Seeking Kids

Children who are attention-seeking have a legitimate need. It’s our job to teach them how to get attention in a legitimate way. Parents who were themselves neglected, who are temperamentally more distant, or who are struggling with mental illness ...

When Your Child Craves Attention

A child that wants attention will get it by some means. This is usually done in a positive way. Tim Francis, a psychologist offers advice for attention seeking behavior in children.

Attention Seeking Behavior In Children: Facts

Most adults will look at the usual attention seeking behaviour in children as “normal”. Kids and young adults are still growing and maturing. They are not yet emotionally, mentally or physically developed.

Handling An Attention Seeking Child

It's normal for children to need attention and approval. However, attention seeking becomes a problem when it happens all the time. Find practical advice for dealing with children who will do anything for attention.

Putting A Lid On Your Child’S Attention-Seeking Behaviour

Parents often naturally make their children feel like they’re the center of the universe. Let’s face it, when kids are young, they demand a great deal of care. That level of attention, however, should diminish gradually as children get older.

Attention Seeking Behaviour: How To Gently, But Effectively, Stop It

Isn’t it frustrating when your child resorts to attention seeking behaviour and nothing you do seems to snap them out of it? Trying to find out why your child is seeking attention is always a good starting point.

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