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Green America: Living Green: Are Art Supplies Toxic?

Green American magazine includes articles on green living, purchasing, and investing. Live better, save more, invest wisely, make a difference. Get the answers to your living green questions - about recycling, organics, Fair Trade, avoiding sweats...

The Healthy Artist Guide To A Less Toxic Studio | Toxic Nation | - Environmental Defence

What You Can Do: Illnesses caused by toxic substances have plagued artists throughout history. The artists Rubens, Renoir and Dufy suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, and Paul Klee was plagued by scleroderma, both of which are now known to be caus...

How To Find Natural & Non-Toxic Art Supplies

You can find natural and non-toxic art supplies in many shops, especially those that cater to small children. The Art & Creative Materials Institute certifies non-toxic art supplies, including many products from major brands like Elmer's; looking ...

Natural Earth Paint - Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Paints From The Earth

At Natural Earth Paint we use pure, natural earth and mineral pigments and organic ingredients to make completely safe, sustainable, and beautiful art supplies for children and fine artists. Earth pigments are clay and mineral earth prevalent in n...

Art Supplies For Children - Eco Friendly Art Supplies For Kids

We offer a convenient, one-stop online shop for eco-friendly art supplies for children, that are healthy for kids, toddlers, families and the environment.

Non-Toxic Art Supplies

Many popular art materials contain toxic ingredients that may be detrimental to your child’s health. Here are some safer alternatives parents may check out.

Site Search | Office Of Environmental Health And Safety

For more results, please use the Princeton University search page.

How Dangerous Is Oil Paint? - Muse Art And Design

People frequently express an unfounded concern that painting with oils is dangerous and toxic. They’d like to experiment with oils but are nervous that oils are environmentally hazardous and a danger to their health. These concerns are based large...

Buying Safer Art Supplies - Local Hazardous Waste Management Program In King County

Should I be concerned about buying safer art supplies for young children? Some common arts and crafts products can contain hazardous materials (lead, solvents, ammonia). Children are especially vulnerable to chemical exposure, because they ar...

The Toxic Truth Behind Children's Non-Toxic Art And Craft Supplies

Parents of toddlers know that having art and craft supplies available are a must. Not only are they a fun way to keep children entertained and busy, but they provide much needed creative and developmental stimulation as well. To those of us who’ve...

Dumbo Cutie Papercraft | Disney Family

For Dumbo's legs, ears, and hat, fold the pieces in half and secure them so the designs are two-sided. Do not stick the tabs together. Instead, butterfly the tabs outward and use them to secure the pieces to Dumbo's body. Secure Dumbo's legs to th...

Owl Paper Plate Craft - Enchantedlearning.Com

On the folded part, cut two short slits and fold them back up. (These will be the owl's tufts - although they look like ears, they are only feathers. An owl's ears are simple holes on the sides of the head).

Cut A Perfect Star From Paper With Just One Cut!

http://ohamanda.com An easy tutorial on cutting paper stars!

Rocking Round Robin Paper Craft

This is just darling! What a cute paper craft.. I know its for kids but I think even adults would like this one I hope it’s okay, I just finished a paper crafts round-up and couldn’t help but feature your cute paper birds! You can see it here: Th...

Take Heart - Diy Paper Leaves Wreath Tutorial - Diy Show Off ™ - Diy Decorating And Home Improvement Blog

Super cute, super easy scrapbook paper wreath tutorial by Danielle at Take Heart. Customize colors and papers that fit your style.

Paper Bag Puppets Craft - Enchanted Learning Software

Fold the two square edges of a paper bag under (at the dotted lines), to form the animal's head. You now have the shape of the animal's head. Raccoon Cut out ears, eyes, and a nose. Glue them to the raccoon's face. Dog Cut out ears, eye...

Alfa Romeo Paper Model - Paper Toys And Models At Papertoys.Com

Statement of Purpose: This site and the images contained herein are intended for educational and entertainment purposes. We encourage you to link to this site. Reproduction Rights Granted: Images may be reproduced for your own use as long as ...

Paper Stars / Origami Stars Tutorial

"Origami Stars Tutorial" This video will show you how to make origami stars! If you are having trouble you can check out my easy way of making paper stars us...

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