Learning - Arts/Craft | 1-3 yrs

Art Projects For Your Toddler


Children love doing a variety of arts and craft activities. Not only do these activities provide them an opportunity to have some fun but also help them learn to be creative and develop certain skills like self-regulation, fine motor skills, hand–eye coordination. One of the ways of engaging your child in arts and crafts is to design some activities for him to do. Our ClipBook gives you an idea of different arts and crafts activities that you can engage your child in.


Sewing With Toddlers

Sewing with a toddler doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here is a simple way to sew with a toddler that you can try with materials that you may already have around the house.

Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting can be incredibly relaxing for children and the clean-up is far easier than poster or acrylic paints. The way the colours mix together is quite mesmerising and this is a magical way for kids to begin to understand how to comb...

Squeezing Paint

Toddlers and children seem to love squeezing. For those who like to squeeze a lot of paint, this is a wonderful exercise to build hand strength.

Contact Paper Leaf Collage

Sticky Leaf Collage is a great activity for preschool children. It encourages them to collect leaves, discuss what kind of trees the leaves come from, create a composition, and preserve their leaves in a viewing sleeve. The collage can late be use...

Glueing Dots And Buttons

Squeeze a few dots of glue on paper and invite your child to add buttons. This is a great activity for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

Stringing Beads

Plastic string plus beads with big holes make this a rewarding activity for toddlers who are flexing their hand-eye coordination.

Tracing Circles

Grab a cup, paper, and a marker, and invite your child to trace circles. It seems easy, but it can be challenging. This requires very little preparation and can be made with simple materials that are not hard to find.

Body Tracing

Invite your child to lie down on a big sheet of paper. Trace their body and then offer them pens or crayons to decorate.

Winter Craft Collage Invitation

Offer your child a selection of pre-cut paper and stickers for this age-appropriate collage activity.

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