Sand Art

Artisan’s Perch is an art studio devoted to effective child development. Our focus is to translate and adapt important aspects of “Child Psychology”, through the medium of art for boosting developmental processes like Cognitive, Social, Moral, Emo...

Art And Craft

At Artisan’s Perch, children explore different visual arts and performing arts. Kids are then presented with right opportunities to transform their latent creativity into actual.

Sand Art

Through appropriately designed and conducted activities, their creativity is channelized to nurture and cultivate processes important in child development. In such an environment, our blooming artisans would unlock their overflowing streams of Cur...

Art And Craft Class

Working together and team helps them to understand the important of sharing and caring for each other and the same time how to enjoy small things together. To more about Artisan's Prech contact us at Mrs. Kanchan Shelke +917769868104 kanchan@arti...

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Resources - Co-Curricular Activities | 2-12y


Artisan's Perch, Artisan'S PerchArtisan's Perch
A look into our kids doing some art.