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Aromatic Candles By La Joyeria

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Lighting candles or lamps of some sort is an age-old tradition followed in many Asian countries. Burning candles infused with natural essential oils releases them in the air which is eventually absorbed by the body. Natural soy wax candles that are aroma infused can be simply the best way to add fragrance to your home.

La Joyeria is a luxury candle brand producing natural and ecofriendly aromatic soy and bee wax candles. These candles are available in a range of fragrances namely lavender, orchid, lemon honey, fresh jasmine and sandalwood which also have medicinal properties.

The wax used is completely natural and of the highest quality. This not only ensures that you receive a perfectly natural product but also gives you a blissful experience. Soy wax usually burns a lot longer than any other wax which means that it can last for days even when used for a couple of hours every day.

Encased in crystal jars, cookie jars and colorful glass containers, these luxury scented candles add beauty and elegance to your home interiors or your professional space.

Browse through the Clipbook to catch a glimpse of what La Joyeria has in store for you.


Tea Rose Crystal Jar Candle (Soy Wax) | With Hibiscus

Tea rose crystal jar candle is the perfect way to create an appealing environment in your home. Owing to its aromatic and therapeutic properties, tea rose uplifts your mood by reducing stress and anxiety levels. In fact, it has been used in tradit...

Crystal Jar Lavender Aroma Dream Candle (Soy Wax)

A lot of people struggle with sleeping or suffer from insomnia. Lavender aroma dream candle is here to fix that. Among the many benefits that lavender offers, treating insomnia is one of the oldest known benefits. It is helpful in managing anxiety...

Bell Jar Soy Candle (Lavender And Oudh Aroma)

The bell jar soy candle in lavender and oudh is a unique combination of natural wax with a mesmerizing aroma to it. The bell jar is a cute little jar which glows when the candle is lit adding a dash of color and style to your home. This candle is...

Red Sparkling Vase Candle (British Tea Rose And Cocoa Butter)

Red sparkling vase candle is the perfect gift for that special someone who you hold close to your heart. You can also gift it to your close friends and loved ones in the family. The soft glow from the illuminated jar and the signature fragrance of...

Golden Sparkling Vase Candle (Jasmine And Orchid Aroma)

The golden sparkling vase candle is the perfect addition to your living room decor. It provides a welcoming and cozy ambience while also making your room smell good. Golden sparkling vase candle is available in two aromas — jasmine and orchid. Ab...

Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Jar Candle (Soy Wax) | Premium

Bitter orange and cinnamon jar candle are a unique combination of fragrances unlike any other. The reason why this aroma impresses over everything else is because of its superpower like properties. Both bitter orange and cinnamon have extremely h...

Lemon Honey Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax)

The lemon honey cookie jar candle is the perfect product to promote wellness and joy in your home. We all know the amazing benefits that lemon and honey offer due to their antioxidant and antibacterial properties. In addition, the refreshing aroma...

Elite Rime Candle Aroma-Infused – (Coffee And Lime – Soy Wax)

Elite rime candle aroma-infused is available in coffee and lime. Made with natural and ecofriendly soy wax, these candles are perfectly safe for home use. Other chemical-based counter products tend to leave toxins in your home, whereas soy is comp...

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