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Arise ‘n’ Shine was established in 2003 to provide a unified program with Indian and Western systems for Asian and American children in North America to prepare them to meet global standards and expectations. The school is headquartered in South E...

Arise 'N' Shine - A Next Generation Preschool

Chennai's Most Respected Preschool - 2 Years in a Row! Watch the video to know more about Arise 'n' Shine.


Our vision is to create exceptional citizens, nurture them to reap optimum values and prepare them for an exciting journey ahead. Quality Promise : To provide highest quality education with rich international curriculum and quality environment whi...

School Of English - 3 To 12 Years

School of English is an evidence-based enrichment program for schools to develop practical learning experience from rote learning, develop problem solving skills and cultivate emotional intelligence.

Preschool - 2.5 To 3.5 Years

The Preschool program at Arise ‘n’ Shine offers a wide variety of activities to engage your child and prepare him or her for Kindergarten. As preschoolers gain more self-esteem, they feel ready to take on the world.

My Bee Hive - 1.6 To 6 Years

Arise ‘n’ Shine’s Activity Center, MyBeeHive is a child care program dedicated to the working families and their children in our community. We recognise the ‘value’ of each child and we strive to provide care with individual attention.

Mybeeclub - 3.5 To 12 Years

In the MyBeeClub after school program we take a scientific approach to understand the learning styles of each child and their brain functions using cognitive psychology.

Arise 'N' Shine - Mybeeclub - Brain Based Program

What is your CHILD's learning style? This brain-based after school program is designed for school age children based on their individual learning style.

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Arise 'n' Shine - Velachery

Arise 'n' Shine - Velachery, Arise 'N' Shine - VelacheryArise 'n' Shine - Velachery
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