Arise 'n' Shine - Adyar

About Us

Arise ‘n’ Shine was established in 2003 to provide a unified program with Indian and Western systems for Asian and American children in North America to prepare them to meet global standards and expectations. The school is head quartered in South ...

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create exceptional citizens, nurture them to reap optimum values and prepare them for an exciting journey ahead. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education with a rich international curriculum and a quality environmen...

Our Programs

⦿ Play Group<br>⦿ Kindergarten<br>⦿ My Child Care (Extended care with activity centre)<br>⦿ My Bee Club (After School Program)

Our Activities

⦿ Circle Time<br>⦿ Science Area<br>⦿ Art Area <br>⦿ Library Area<br>⦿ Music Area<br>⦿ Home Living Area<br>⦿ Math Area<br>⦿ Computer Area<br>⦿ Outdoor Play Area

The End

Learning - Early Ed. | 1-12 yrs

Arise 'n' Shine - Adyar

Arise 'n' Shine - Adyar, Arise 'N' Shine - AdyarArise 'n' Shine - Adyar
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