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Are You Ready For The Cyber World?

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Your child’s explorations of the cyber world need to be monitored by you.

Barack Obama once said “The cyber world is sort of the Wild Wild West, and to some degree, we’re asked to be the sherrif.” This virtual wonderland is quite fascinating and can be quite dangerous too. Uninvited guests pop up online, these include spam mail which can affect your personal mail. Teach your children the dangers involved in opening spam mail. Family holidays need special attention and a watchful eye on your children’s Internet history. “A few simple rules, good rapport with kids and use of security tools will ensure that your family has a wonderful time, making the best use of devices” writes a cybersecurity expert in Expressing opinions online can prove dangerous. Advise your children to avoid communicating over the Internet with unknown people.

Children should not be privy to your personal data. A digital lock can help ensure this. Be wary of free Wi-Fi and free Internet packages. Nothing comes free; everything has a price. They may carry a virus. Schedule a digital detox time, maybe around the exams, for children. It will also encourage them to seek out other modes of play.

Are you aware of cloud storage and its benefits? When is the best time to introduce your child to the Internet? Can you ensure that your child is cyber safe? What guidelines can you follow to ensure that your home is safe from cyber-attacks?

Answers to these questions and more are available in this ClipBook on being prepared for the cyber world.

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