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Are You Pushing Your Child Too Hard?

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How much is too much?

Every child needs a little nudge in the right direction, once in a while. But, do you know whether your daughter’s reluctance to work is because she is avoiding work or because she is not enjoying the work?

If you are a very successful person in your line of work or study, there is every possibility that you are prone to be a pushy parent. You might want your daughter to follow in your footsteps or achieve higher goals that you missed out on. Putting too much pressure on her to get the best grades can have disastrous consequences.

Keep an eye on how much breathing space your princess has between her music classes, coaching classes and any other activities. This too can be a reason for her to feel overly pressured.

If your little darling is gifted, you might want to check if you are a pushy parent who wants her to be a better achiever or if your approach encourages her gently to be better at what she does.

Your ultimate goal would be to have your child grow into a woman who can push herself. According to “Even those kids who look like they have it all together can crash easily when they’re out from under the pressure at home because they haven’t developed the inner ability to push themselves.”

Don’t despair, now would be a great time to make amends and practice the right parenting habits at home.

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