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In Panchavati

Thirteen years pass and in the last year of exile Rama, Sita and Lakshmana journey southward along the banks of river Godavari, where they build cottages and live off the land.

Surpanakha, Sister Of Ravana.

She attempts to seduce the brothers and failing in this, attempts to kill Sita. Lakshmana stops her by cutting off her nose and ears. Hearing of this, her demon brother, Khara, organises an attack against the princes. Rama destroys Khara and hi...

Maricha, Assuming The Form Of A Golden Deer

Sita pleads with Rama to capture it. Lord Rama, aware that this is the ploy of the demons, cannot dissuade Sita from her desire and chases the deer into the forest, leaving Sita under Lakshmana's guard.

Lakshmana Rekha.

Sita hears Rama calling, she insists that Lakshmana rush. Lakshmana assure her that Rama is invincible. Sita insists. He obeys. He draws a chalk outline, the Lakshmana rekha.

Sitha Crosses Lakshman Rekha

Ravana appears in the guise. Sita is tricked into leaving the rekha and is then forcibly carried away.

Jatayu Tries To Rescue Sita

Jatayu, a vulture, tries to rescue Sita, but is mortally wounded.

Ravana Demands Sita Marry Him

But Sita, eternally devoted to Rama, refuses. At Lanka, Sita is kept under the heavy guard of rakshasis. ,

Jatayu Moksham

Rama and Lakshmana learn about Sita's abduction from Jatayu and immediately set out to save her.

Devotion Of Sabari

During their search, they meet the demon Kabandha and the ascetic Shabari, who direct them towards Sugriva and Hanuman.

Thanking Swami For His Divine Grace !

Tomorrow - the Sapthagam will continue with Rama and Lakshmana visiting "Kishkintha".. Jai Sairam

The End

Learning - General Knowledge | 3-18 yrs

Aranya Kanda

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