Apple Seed

About Us

Apple Seed, a preschool, where a child discovers himself, the teacher is a guide and a friend and the environment most appropriate for the blooming of the young minds.Parents always focus on providing the extra ordinary to their precious ones, and...

Our Aim

- Provide superior quality of child care and education for children in the age group of 1 ½ onwards. - Provide a safe, secure and a stimulating environment for the inquisitive youngers. - Encourage each child to explore his world with curiosity an...

Our Curriculum

-A flexible, international programme, redesigned for Indian scenario. -A blend of the best early childhood learning practices to cater to the different learning styles. -Emphasis on the key learning areas like language, maths, expressive arts, cog...

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Learning - Early Ed. | 1-4 yrs

Apple Seed

Apple Seed, Apple SeedApple Seed
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