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Appetite-enhancing Indian Foods For Children


Are you worried about your child’s lack of appetite? Food, in all forms, is essential for overall growth and development of children.

Fortunately, you can learn ways to increase your child’s appetite using certain Indian foods. The South India rasam is an example – this herbal soup is light and can perk up your appetite.

Go through this ClipBook to read about other appetite-enhancing Indian foods such as pumpkin seeds, carrot juice, ginger, etc.


Appetite Slump In Toddlers And How To Increase Appetite Naturally

Appetite slump in toddlers is quite common. Appetite booster foods naturally help to cure lack of appetite in toddlers and it will help them to boost appetite at right time and also keep up good health.


Ajwain is an excellent appetite booster. Carom seeds, known as ajwain, are used to heal digestive disorders. You can introduce this magic ingredient in your baby’s diet after six months of age.


Hing or asafoetida is the anti-flatulent known to increase appetite in babies and toddlers. Introduce it into your kid’s diet by adding a teaspoon of it into vegetables, curries, khichdi or buttermilk.

Basil Or Tulasi

Tulsi leaves also serve a purpose other than just ornamenting the entrance of your home. Tulsi leaves are known to cure digestive problems like an upset stomach, vomiting, burning sensation, cholera, and so on. Tulsi can help to improve digestion ...


Cinnamon contains a magic nutrient, hydroxychalcone, that enhances appetite by cleaning up toxins. You can introduce this ingredient in your baby’s diet by adding it to vegetables, kheer, porridge, hot chocolate, toasts, etc.


Ginger can help to increase appetite in toddlers. Crush ginger with a pinch of salt. Add to a glass of buttermilk which your toddler can have in the afternoon. This will increase her appetite.

Curd With Mint

Drinking too much milk can hamper your child’s appetite. Switch milk with curd to make sure that your baby’s diet remains intact. Toss in some mint leaves as mint is known to ease the intestines from indigestion and clean them.

Lemon Juice

Children love juices and do not fuss while consuming them. If your child happens to have a poor appetite, you can try giving him a glass of lemon juice daily in the morning. Lemon is known to keep things flowing smoothly inside our stomach.

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