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Antibiotics For Children

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Children fall sick quite often. Treating the illness with medicines is our immediate response. But to what extent do these medicines affect a child’s health? 

Antibiotics are the most common type of medicine being prescribed commonly today to fight infections. Thus, treating your child with antibiotics is fine. But repeated use should be avoided. Also, a nutrient-rich diet can increase your child’s body’s immunity and make him strong and unaffected by infections.

For more on the side effects of antibiotics, go through this ClipBook. 

All About Antibiotics

Are antibiotics great advances on the front of modern medicine or dangerous medications that cause more harm than good? The answer lies somewhere in between. If you're the parent of a child who has suffered from a bacterial infection such as pneum...

How Do Antibiotics Work?

This clip describes how antibiotics work to kill bacteria, the difference between bacteriostatic and bactericidal antibiotics, and why antibiotics do not work on viruses.

Antibiotic Prescriptions For Children

Antibiotics are medicines used to treat infections and they target bacteria, not viruses. Before prescribing an antibiotic, your child's doctor will find out if it is the right medicine to treat your child's infection. Read on for answers from the...

Antibiotics For Respiratory Illness In Children

If your child has a sore throat, cough, or a runny nose, you might expect the doctor to prescribe antibiotics. But most of the time, children don’t need antibiotics to treat a respiratory illness. In fact, antibiotics can do more harm than good.

Pros And Cons Of Antibiotics For Children

There are certainly those moments in motherhood when prescription antibiotics are needed and most welcome. However, these moments can and should be few and far between. The overuse and misuse of antibiotics in kids has been highly criticised in re...

Antibiotics: When They Can And Can't Help

Antibiotics are strong medicines used to treat infections, including life-threatening contagious diseases. But antibiotics can cause more harm than good when they aren't used the right way. You can protect yourself and your family by knowing when ...

What Causes Antibiotic Resistance?

Right now, you are inhabited by trillions of microorganisms. Many of these bacteria are harmless (or even helpful!), but there are a few strains of ‘super bacteria’ that are pretty nasty and they’re growing resistant to our antibiotics. Why is thi...

5 Reasons To Avoid Antibiotics

It’s not uncommon that prescriptions for antibiotics are written when children have “colds” or upper respiratory tract infections from a virus. That’s where we all have an opportunity to improve our children’s health. Nearly all of us know it’s go...

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