Antarctic Sea Ice Grows & Arctic Melts ?

Scientists Finally Decode Arctic And Antarctic Sea Ice Change Mystery

The difference between the sea ice change of Antarctic and Arctic has always been a mystery, but National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) together have finally solved this puzz...

Proof Of Global-Warming Farce? Nasa Says Antarctic Sea Ice Has Increased Since 1970s

The US space agency, which is one of the world's leading campaigners to highlight the threat of global warming, now spends a chunk of its annual budget using satellite data to investigate changes in our climate. NASA experts set out to find out wh...

Inverse Phenomenon: Scientists Determine Why Antarctic Sea Ice Rises As Arctic Sea Ice Melts

After years of trying to understand the rise in Antarctica sea ice levels compared with the sharp decline in the sea ice of Arctic Ocean, NASA scientists have figured out what exactly is happening. NASA said the answer lies in the geology of the S...

Why Are Antarctica Ice-Levels Increasing? Nasa Has The Answer!

Washington: Climate change and its haunting effects are far from over, however, the ice in the Antarctic region tells a different story. In the previous year, NASA had released a shocking statement saying that ice in the Antarctic was actually inc...

Sea Ice Is Growing In Antarctica But Is Melting In The Arctic

A big question puzzling scientists is why sea ice cover surrounding the continent of Antarctica has been increasing, while a dramatic loss of sea ice is occurring in the Arctic Ocean. Now, a new NASA-led study may have found the answer. The team, ...

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Antarctic Sea Ice Grows & Arctic Melts ?

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Why The Antarctic Sea Ice Grows While The Arctic Sea Ice Melts