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Annual Status Of Education Report 2014



Aser 2014 (Full Report)

The ASER survey has been measuring the fundamental skills of children across rural India for a decade now. Every year, children in the age group of 5 to 16 years are assessed in basic reading and numeracy. These skills are important precursors to ...

Aser 2014 Major Findings

A PDF that gives information on the major findings from ASER 2014.

Do Private Tuitions Improve Learning Outcomes?

Despite increased attention to school based learning over the past decade by policy makers, the learning levels of children in the Indian education system have remained consistently low and have, in fact, declined over the past 8 years. The latest...

Demand For Private Schools Rise, Even In Rural India

Government run schools have very poor quality of education. Now, that isn’t news to anyone who has a basic understanding of the education system in India. Forever, the government run schools have been plagued by inadequate infrastructure, lack of ...

“There Is No Incentive For Private Schools To Improve Further”

Annual Status of Education Report 2014 is out, and it clearly states that the learning outcomes in Indian schools continue to be poor. ParentCircle gets talking with Ms. Meeta Sengupta, the founder of Centre for Education Strategy, Delhi, about he...

Government Vs Private Schools: Have Things Changed?

This is the 10th year of ASER and two major trends emerge clearly. First, there has been a steady increase in private school enrollment; and second, learning levels are not improving. In fact, learning levels that seemed to be “stuck” till 2010, t...

Tamil Nadu

ASER 2014 report on Tamil Nadu (2014).


ASER 2014 report on Haryana (2014).

West Bengal

ASER 2014 report on West Bengal (2014).

Better Facilities In Rural Schools, But Learning Levels Still Low: Aser

Despite steady improvement in the infrastructure of schools in rural areas across the country, students continue to perform badly, shows the 'Annual Status of Education Report' (ASER) of 2014

Ngo Pratham Released 10th Annual Status Of Education Report (Aser 2014)

NGO Pratham on 13 January 2015 released 10th Annual Status of Education Report (ASER 2014). The report noted that overall situation with basic reading continues to be extremely disheartening in India.

Aser Lessons

The latest Annual Status of Education Report (Aser) highlights India’s poor results in school education, despite the universal access law (the right to education, or RTE, Act) and a tax to fund it.

School System Fails Students

Considering Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s caution regarding the insecurity that people face over a lifetime due to the deprivation of basic education, the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2014 calls for a hard look at the situation. Its fin...

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